Honduras is growing in popularity as a tourist destination every year, with thousands of travelers visiting for cruise, diving, ecotourism, or beach getaways. Honduras tourism is only going to grow as more people discover the wonders of this Central American country.

Honduras vacations are suitable for many different types of travelers. Any Honduras travel guide will tell you to visit the Mayan site of Copan, the Caribbean shores of the Bay Islands, or the pristine rain forests of the Mosquito Coast. It is possible to do all this and more if you have a week or two in the small country. But no Honduras travel guide could possibly exhaust all the attractions the country has to offer.

For adventure travel Honduras is one the best places in the world. Tour groups in La Ceiba and elsewhere will organize white water rafting tours, jungle hikes, or mountain bike trips through the rainforests. Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve and other national parks preserve the largest pristine rainforest north of the Amazon in Brazil.

If you are interested in history and culture, Honduras vacations have much to offer. Colonial towns like Santa Rosa de Copan preserve buildings from when Central America was part of a vast Spanish empire. The Mayan ruins at Copan are well-preserved remnants of an even older, pre-Columbian culture.

The keystone of Honduras tourism is Roatan Island, the largest of the Bay Islands off the Caribbean coast of the country. Roatan is an unspoiled island paradise. In recent years it has become a regular stop-off on western Caribbean cruises and a favored destination for Honduras vacations.

Roatan and the other Bay Islands - Utila, Guanaja, and the tiny Cayos Cochinos - are surrounded by one of the largest living coral reefs in the world, home to a host of colorful fish and plant species. It is therefore no surprise that diving and snorkeling are popular activities in Honduras. Each Honduras travel guide lists hundreds of underwater sites for beginners and expert divers to explore.

Utila Island is known as a backpackers Mecca. Cheap diving and accommodation cost bring scores of young travelers to its shores every year. But even Utila is relatively expensive compared to the Honduran mainland. For young people looking for inexpensive travel Honduras is a great place to consider. Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, and other Honduran cities have some good hostels and inexpensive hotels. La Ceiba is the site of an annual carnival, one of dozens of local festivals and other events that bring Honduran towns to life.

Honduras tourism also caters to a more upscale crowd. Beachfront resorts are sprinkled along the shores of Roatan and Guanaja islands and in Puerto Cortes and other mainland towns. For beach travel Honduras is an undiscovered joy. The white sand beaches are generally uncrowded and pristine. Activities like sea kayaking, surfing, and snorkeling make for a laid-back and exciting Honduras vacations.

Read the pages on this Honduras travel guide to get an idea of the many attractions on offer in this Central American country. Honduras vacations are a great fit for everyone.

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