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Once you arrive in Austria, perhaps on a flight, there are various ways to go about getting around. Thankfully, the public Austria transportation system is a clean and efficient one, and getting to your destination in this travel-friendly country can be done any number of ways. If you enjoy walking, your own two feet can be your means of transport. Walking tours in some of the country's top cities and tourist spots are extremely rewarding, but should you choose to do a little hiking, you better have some good boots.

Getting around Austria by train is arguably the best way to go. The Austria railway system is utterly spectacular, and while you travel between destinations, you can kick back and take in some of the world's best scenery. This is especially true when you hit the Austrian Alps, though all across Austria, there are intriguing things to look at. You can practically get anywhere you want to go on an Austria train. While some remote villages or small hideaway towns not found along the routes, you can usually hop on a bus to make the connection. When you take advantage of the Austria rail system, you will find it easy to hook up with other means of Austria transportation. In the warmer months, you can rent a bicycle at the main Austria train stations, and you can even stow the bike away in the luggage compartment should you need to board another train. You don't always have to return the bike that you rented to the train station that you rented it at either. You can often turn it in at another one and head on your way.

You can take an Austria train from Vienna to Graz, Salzburg, Linz, and Klagenfurt. The ride from Vienna to Salzburg, or vice versa, takes about three hours. Rail passes are available, and often times these passes include discounts on things like train station bike rentals or Danube River cruises. When you can't get where you need to go by train, going by bus is always an option. This is often the best way to get to those remote villages that were mentioned earlier. Many buses in Austria are timed to arrive at the train stations when incoming trains are set to arrive, which helps incoming train passengers who would otherwise be in need of further Austria transportation. Also, if you are heading to one of the numerous Austria ski resorts, you'll often need to hop on a bus to get you the rest of the way up to the resort.

Austria car rentals can be an ideal way to get around the country, and if you like to drive mountain roads, you're going to love driving in Austria. Being able to pick up and go when you want and where you want is a significant freedom, but you will have to worry about parking, gas, directions, and so on. Also, some of the mountain roads in Austria require a toll, so when driving in the Alps you'll want to have some extra Euros on your person. Choosing a bus or a train for your means of Austria transportation is a lot cheaper than renting a car, but there's that utter freedom of mobility that makes Austria car rentals so attractive. Just remember that Austria car rentals are not exactly a good idea in the wintertime, unless you live in a mountainous place and are familiar with winter driving at higher altitudes. December through March is generally when the snow falls in Austria, so you might avoid renting a car during those months. You can rent a car at the airport when you arrive, and most of Austria's provincial capitals have at least one car rental agency. In Austria, unlike England, you drive on the right side of the road, which is good news to most folks who are familiar with that.

Two other ways that you can get from point A to point B in Austria are taxis and boats. The Danube River is the aquatic route of choice for river cruises, and there are various lakes in Austria where you can get out on a boat for some sightseeing. Lake Constance, which is where the city of Bregenz is found gracing the shores, is a good place for lake cruises. As for taxis, they are abundant in the larger Austrian cities, and if you have luggage to put in the trunk, you will have to pay a tad extra, but it's worth the convenience. Regardless of how you get around in Austria, fantastic attractions await you.

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