Venice Italy Beaches

Venice Italy beaches and the islands that surround the Venetian mainland are just some of the attractions of the Veneto region. There are a variety of beaches near Venice Italy. Some of them are better suited for swimming and sun bathing than others, and some are designated as private, while others are accessible to the public. Lido Venice Beach is perhaps the most popular and certainly the most heavily trafficked by tourists, especially during the summer months. The island, oftentimes just referred to as the Lido, is a seven-mile sandbar that lies between the mainland of Venice and the Adriatic Sea.

Beaches in Venice
Beaches in Venice  Image: mlsj1_99 (flickr)

Lido Venice Beach is a general term for all of the coastal beach area available along the sandbar. The Lido is separated into three different settlements. The Lido is the northern part of the island, and where the Venice Film Festival is held every year. Malamocco is the oldest settlement on the island and is situated in the center. The southern tip is called Alberoni. The Venice Italy beaches in the central part of the island are primarily reserved as private beaches for guests of longstanding hotels like Excelsior and the Des Bains. There are a couple of exceptions with a few public beaches scattered in between, but if you are not staying at one of the hotels on Lido, it would be a lot easier to simply head to either the southern end or northeastern most end of the island where you can find two large public beaches. Coco Beach is a popular public beach that can get overrun with tourists in the summer. Blue Moon Beach is also popular amongst tourists visiting or staying on Lido Venice Beach.

The truth about Venice Italy beaches themselves is that they are not nearly as beautiful as some of the beaches near Venice Italy instead of right in the city. There are many more fine sand beaches north east of Venice. Lido Venice Beach, while fun, is more gravel-like sand and the views of the Adriatic with its incoming barges are not necessarily the most awe-inspiring site. As you travel up the Italian coast, you will encounter a wide variety of options for beaches. Many people who travel to Venice opt to stay in these outlying areas, traveling into Venice to enjoy sightseeing during the days. Beaches near Venice Italy like Lido di Jesolo can be reached from Venice by boat in about 30 minutes. The beaches, generally, are much more aesthetically pleasing in this area than the ones that are located within the Venetian Lagoon. Lido di Jesolo is a beach that was built for the purpose of accommodating the thousands of tourists who stay in the vicinity of Venice. It is a beautiful, fine sand beach with rows of beach chairs and umbrellas as well as the usual concession stands, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues.

Most people who travel to Venice do not necessarily have going to the beach on the mind. But it is great to know that while you are in one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Europe, you will also have the ability to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. Lido Venice Beach is a fine option if you are staying in Venice and simply want to spend a day by the water. The beaches in the outlying areas of the city are perfect for those who plan to spend more time on the beach, as they are better equipped with chairs, umbrellas, and public facilities.

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