Transportation in Amsterdam

Transportation in Amsterdam is geared toward the pedestrian. The Netherlands has a high density population when compared to space, and nowhere is this more apparent than on the roads through The Netherlands. Therefore, Amsterdam transportation is often most relaxing when using public transportation or even simply walking. As many tourists know, The Netherlands are also known for the great bicycle transportation in Amsterdam, with many trails set aside just for bikers.

One frequently used form of transportation in Amsterdam is the train. In the western Netherlands, the rail network is like a large urban network, with up to 10 trains per hour on main routes. Main lines to the rest of the country usually have 2 intercity trains and 2 local trains per hour, until about midnight. Some local lines in more rural areas have an hourly service, others every 30 minutes. The main train company for Amsterdam transportation is The Nederlandse Spoorwegen. Tourists who plan to travel by train should note that you have to buy your ticket in advance of your trip. In the past, passengers could purchase tickets on board, but this is no longer the case. Strict rules regarding the policy are enforced, and passengers who cannot pay may be arrested or kicked off the train.

Rather than ride the train, many travelers plan to rent a car. Car rental in Amsterdam is quite easy, and a number of major car rental companies have offices in the Netherlands. You won’t need any special license other than the driver’s license from your own country. Drivers should note, though, that as mentioned above the roads are densely populated by cars and drivers in The Netherlands have one of the highest incidences of group road rage in the world.

Yet another way to get around the city is on a bike. Bicycle transportation in Amsterdam is pleasant and easily accomplished. The infrastructure for bicycle transportation in Amsterdam is superior to that of most other countries in the world. Biking is mostly safe, as there are separate lanes for bikes only that are not right next to moving vehicles. Bikers should note that because biking is such a popular way to get around, biking is also more strictly regulated and you will need a helmet, lights or reflectors on your bike, and you will also want to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road for bikers.

Whichever method you choose for getting around the city, transportation in Amsterdam is incredibly tourist-friendly. Trains are easy to use, as long as you pay in advance, and bike lanes are literally made for frequent travel. Car rental is also pretty easy as long as you bring along a good map of the city and a peaceful attitude. In general, transportation in The Netherlands is a simple task.

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