Barcelona Transportation

Barcelona transportation will help you to squeeze in more time at museums, attractions, and restaurants across the city. Whether you want to spend an afternoon sunbathing on one of the beaches or want to stand at the summit of Mount Tibidabo, the Barcelona Metro and other forms of transportation will help you to do so easily and affordably. There are many different ways to get around this thriving city, including an underground Metro system, ferries, and buses. A bus in Barcelona called the Aerobus is an affordable way to reach the city from the airport. No matter how you travel, transportation in Barcelona doesn’t have to break the bank.

The form of Barcelona transportation you will use the most will probably be the Metro. Known for being clean, air-conditioned, and efficient, the Barcelona Metro will take you to all of the major tourist attractions. Visitors use the Metro year-round, but especially in the summer when temperatures can be hot, a quick ride in the air-conditioned Metro is much better than walking between attractions. If you plan on taking advantage of the Barcelona Metro, consider purchasing the Barcelona card. Rather than paying for individual fares, a Barcelona card entitles you to unlimited number of journeys over a specific number of days. The card also earns you discounts at tourist attractions. One disappointment about the Metro is that it does not connect Barcelona to the airport. You must either take a bus or regional train to reach the nearest Metro station.

Many travelers have great memories of Barcelona ferries. If you plan on exploring nearby islands such as Ibiza or Mallorca, ferries connect the port of Barcelona to these ports. Before you book a ferry ticket, check out the prices for airfare. During certain times of year it may be more affordable to fly from Barcelona to Palma in Mallorca or to Ibiza than to take the ferry. Barcelona International Airport, also called El Prat Airport, connects the city to hundreds of destinations in Europe and beyond. If you are looking for a direct flight from the United States into Barcelona, you should be able to find options from major cities such as New York City and Atlanta.

Once you’ve arrived in the city, the bus in Barcelona is a great way to move between attractions without missing anything. While the Metro is convenient and easy, tourists also miss a good deal of sights during the journey. A bus ride might not be as quick as the Metro, as buses have to deal with some traffic on the roads, but you will get to see much more of Barcelona than you would underground. The buses are known for being clean and efficient, and the Barcelona card also works for unlimited trips. There is both a private and public bus that runs to the Barcelona airport. The public bus in Barcelona will be slower and might not be great for accommodating luggage, while the private Aerobus is designed for people with suitcases or backpacks.

If money isn’t a central consideration, taxis are another convenient form of Barcelona transportation. However, many visitors who arrive to Barcelona for the first time are surprised at how small the historic city center is, and it is completely possibly to explore on foot. If you are traveling during the heat of summer, you may want to take advantage of the transportation system, but one of the best ways to get to know Barcelona is by walking. Take a stroll up La Rambla and discover your own favorite tapas bar, coffee shop, or boutique.

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