London, along the shores of the River Thames, has been inhabited since well before the early days of the Roman Empire. A long line of kings and queens, conquerors and peasants have made London home, and today London remains the most populous city in Western Europe. Whether your London vacation will include visits to London England hotels, or a tour of any of the many historical London attractions, a trip to London will be a trip worth remembering.

London England hotels are just one of the many ways to begin unraveling the history of the city and London attractions. Many of the most popular London England hotels were built during the extravagant Victorian age and stand in London as gorgeous symbols of a past era. If your London vacation will include shopping, any of the downtown London England hotels will place you near all of the action. London is one of the fashion capitals of the world, and features such boutique hot spots as Harvey Nichols and the Dover Street Market, among others.

If you plan to couple your shopping with eating out, London also has some of the world's most exclusive and famous restaurants. Indian food in particular is a staple, and the city is peppered with high end Indian restaurants. Many pubs also feature good old fashioned English fair, with such famous favorites as bangers and mash. The English do love their pubs, and beer lovers in particular will enjoy exploring London nightlife and the people who characterize it.

No London vacation is complete without a little sightseeing. London is literally swimming in historic sites, buildings, parks and the like. Tourists will have a hard time avoiding historical statues and other important places, and knowing something about the icons will make traveling this city a bit more fun. Some London vacation packages even put sightseeing tours together for travelers. A London vacation package with a tour can be an educational way to get a feel for the city.

If you only have a short time to spend in this bustling city, do be sure to at least schedule time for one or two of the major sites. The London Zoo, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and Hyde Park are some of the most popular London attractions, and of course there are many more. Lunch at the ancient Roman baths (a short ride from the city) is a great way to combine your tea hour with one of the oldest London tourist attractions. Trafalgar Square is famous both for the political protests of today, as well as the commemorative statues that characterize the square. This is one of the great free London tourist attractions and is conveniently located in the heart of the city.

Transportation through the city is widely available through public transport and in particular the London Underground. The Underground is the oldest metro system in the world and services about 1 billion journeys each year. The Underground is used extensively by London residents, and is the perfect way for tourists to travel as well. Day and month passes are available for travelers who plan to be in London for an extended period of time.

While the English have inhabited London since the days of William the Conqueror in 1066, amazingly the city has remained one of the most modern and appealing cities in the world throughout its long history. The addition of the Millennium Wheel in 2000 joined the ranks of popular London tourist attractions and continues to keep London on the top of the list of the world's most interesting cities. The culture of London today combines people from many different countries and has a thriving youth culture that stands in stark contrast to the ancient buildings that surround it. One thing is for sure- a trip to London will be full of excitement.

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