Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge Paris, the famous cabaret, was built as a windmill in 1885, and converted to a dance hall in the 1900s. Immortalized by Toulouse-Lautrec posters, and more recently made famous in the aptly titled film, Moulin Rouge, by Baz Luhrmann. Today the Moulin Rouge Paris offers dinner, and several cabaret shows in the evening, featuring the cancan, over 1,000 costumes, and 60 female dancers. For an evening of exciting Paris entertainment, the Moulin Rouge Paris is a top choice.

Paris nightlife is a lively and diverse affair. There are other cabarets in Paris, including the Crazy Horse and Le Lido de Paris. The Crazy Horse is a cabaret venue featuring art of the nude, according to their website. Le Lido de Paris, another historic cabaret, is know for its lavish costumes. In addition to the cabarets, Paris nightlife comes alive in its ever changing scene of dance clubs, and live music venues.

Paris entertainment has always been at the forefront of the world in terms of quality and variety. From opera and jazz, to film and dancing, Paris France is a fanfare for the senses. Paris hosts a multitude of festivals throughout the year, peaking during summer. Two opera houses, the Opéra Bastille and the Palais Garnier host the Opéra National de Paris. There’s also concerts and ballets. There are many rock venues in Paris France, which hosts a large number of international performers. Paris entertainment is also popular for its many dance clubs, nightclubs, and cabaret shows.

Paris Attraction Moulin Rouge

Other Paris attractions include world famous museums, dazzling baroque architecture, and extravagant monuments. Visible from much of the city the Eiffel Tower, built for the World’s Exhibition, towers over 1,000 feet above Paris. Previously, the Panthéon was perhaps the most famous monument in Paris France. At a height of 272 feet, the golden domed of the Panthón is an impressive sight. Located in the center of the worlds largest traffic roundabout, the Arc de Triomphe features four carved panels, and stunning views of the city from the top of the monument. On the list of Paris attractions, Notre-Dame cathedral ranks high. Begun in the 12th century, Notre Dame is full of intricate biblical carvings, a giant rose window, and the great bell tolled by the fictional Quasimodo in the Hutchback of Notre Dame.

Paris nightlife is exciting and stylish. With venues all over the city, from the cancan of the Moulin Rouge Pairs, to opera, live music, dance clubs, and theater, Paris France is at the forefront of European cities when it come to thrilling venues. Pick up the entertainment section of an English newspaper, and prepare for an exciting night out.

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