Toronto once had a reputation as “Toronto the Good,” a stoic and bland city, but this has long since been forgotten. The culture and flavor that the wave of immigrants in the 1970’s brought has turned Toronto Canada into a mosaic of color and diversity. Greeks, Italians, Somalians, Jamaicans, Chinese, Vietnamese and others make of this mosaic, much to Toronto’s benefit. The more than 5,000 restaurants have become one of the tasty Toronto attractions, allowing visitors to sample from a variety of ethnic foods. Festivals such as Caribana and Caravan bring a huge influx of guests to the city who want to celebrate the culture and music of Toronto immigrants. Another of the Toronto attractions is the Toronto Film Festival. Taking place in September, this festival draws talent and admirers internationally.

Toronto Canada is a place where you just might want to stay! It is named as one of the top places in the world to live. Though tourism in Toronto may not have a long list of Toronto attractions, the city itself is endearing.

The winters in Toronto have a reputation of being cold and long, but don’t let this scare you away. On top of all of the winter sports that are available, there are also plenty of museums, operas, theatres and symphonies for you to enjoy indoors. During the summertime, tourism in Toronto increases with more visitors coming to enjoy the many events and festivals. Summers are warm, sometimes quite humid, especially during July and August.

A good option might be to book one of the Toronto vacation packages in order to see all of the highlights of tourism in Toronto. When looking online for your flight to Toronto, see if you can find any deals that include some of the great Toronto vacation packages.

There are many Toronto attractions to enjoy. Sip a coffee in Little Italy, one of the trendiest areas for cafes and wine bars. Enjoy the exhibits and cultural events at Harbourfront Centre. See Niagra Falls from the Roof Bar at the Park Hyatt. Watch the Maple Leafs (Toronto Canada at it’s best!) play hockey at the Air Canada Centre. Visit the Kensington Market for some vintage clothing shopping fun. Listen to a concert in the beautiful setting of the Toronto Music Garden. Discover the bohemian side of Toronto in the shops and galleries of Yorkville. Laugh yourself silly at one of the many comedy clubs, and maybe you’ll see the next Mike Meyers, Jim Carrey, Dan Aykroyd or John Candy (all from Toronto).

With all that Toronto Canada has to offer, you’ll see why the largest city in Canada is such a popular place to live and visit.

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