Vancouver Ferry

Vancouver Ferry

The Vancouver ferry is one of the best ways to get around this coastal city. Regular, dependable service links the city with the scenic island of Victoria and its American neighbor to the south, Seattle. Whatever your choice of when to go, there will be a ferry running that can save you time, money, and the hassle of driving. If you’re hopping aboard one of the Seattle to Vancouver ferries, making the short trip to Victoria, or traveling one of the other routes, you can rest assured the trip will be as easy as it is enjoyable.

BC Ferries, the company that operates the various routes of the Vancouver ferry, has been in operation since 1960. Over the years, it has grown into one of the largest transportation systems in the world. The locals consider the ferries as a dependable marine highway. In fact, 21 million passengers ride the ferries in any given year. The entire system, including Victoria ferries, Horseshoe Bay to the north and Tsawwassen to the south, encompasses 47 total ports. Reservations are encouraged for all passengers, especially those bringing automobiles.

The Vancouver Ferry also links with the mainland with Vancouver Island and several points in the Gulf Islands. These scenic locations will delight outdoor enthusiasts with so many things to do such as kayaking and experiencing the wonder of the great outdoors. These ferries can accommodate walk-ons as well as cars. If you’re planning on bringing your own car, you’ll want to get tickets well in advance because space is limited for cars.

The Vancouver to Victoria ferry is one of the most popular routes operated by BC Ferries. This charming island is a short trip away, but you might feel as if you’ve sailed to Great Britain. With its stately architecture, tearooms, double-decker buses, and formal gardens, this little island is a fine addition to any Vancouver vacations. Victoria ferries set sail from Vancouver, making a 30-minute trip from the mainland. The Vancouver Trolley offers a special package that includes a sightseeing tour in the city and transportation to the island by ferry or air.

Victoria ferries also depart from Seattle. The Washington State Ferry system operates the Victoria Clipper, which provides year-round departures between the city and beautiful Victoria and seasonal service to the San Juan Islands. The ferry takes passengers and cars on a scenic journey north, across the border to Canada. It takes about two or three hours to make the trip, en route you can sit back and enjoy the views of Puget Sound, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and the Inner Harbour. Passengers also can do some duty-free shopping and grab a bite to eat, all without worrying about the traffic along the way. The border-crossing requirements are the same when riding the Victoria ferries as they are on land.

If you’re hoping to take one of the Seattle to Vancouver ferries, you’ll have a few options. You could combine service aboard the Victoria Clipper and then take the ferry from the island straight to Vancouver. There are a few more options for Seattle to Vancouver ferries. Some private companies offer cruises that connect the two major cities, as well as vacation packages that add activities and overnight accommodations to the trip. You also could ride the train, which makes the journey between Seattle and Vancouver in a few hours.

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