California Beaches

With hundreds of miles of lovely beaches empty except for the wildlife, there is no lack of coastline for you to enjoy on a California Beach vacation. Half the state and the most scenic drive facing the pacific run the length of its western coast, and a lovely California beach can be the setting for an unforgettable trip.

If you enjoy wholesome fun and family friendly entertainment, the beaches at Santa Cruz and San Diego have excellent parks right on the water, and are the setting for an unforgettable part of your California beach vacation, with lots of fun amusement rides.

There are a few areas just north of Los Angeles that have all sandy shores you could expect in Southern California beaches.

If you enjoy a more outdoorsy experience, you can enjoy the Pacific in luxury, as the Northern Coast is quickly becoming a place where a California Beach rental is gaining a great deal of popularity. Up north, relaxing outdoor activities like fishing and hiking can be enjoyed. You'll feel like you really fit into the scenery when you book a California beach rental, be it on the sunny beaches of Southern California or right here on the windswept northern part of the scenic Highway 1 drive down the coast.

Lovely nature preserves are off the coast of Monterey, and also south of Carmel just place the 17 mile drive, which is a scenic drive past a lovely California Beach that is part of the Point Lobos nature preserve. If you visit the world class Aquarium, you can add en education aspect that is fun as well to you California beach vacation. Spend a weekend in a California Beach Hotel, and take your time exploring the cannery, the Wharf and the Marina.

California Beach
California Beach

Whether you prefer the solitude and proximity to thousands or square miles of Pacific in front of you, there is something magical about staying in a California beach hotel. If you've at a rustic cabin or the Northern California Beach or nestled n a luxurious bed and breakfast on the Central Coast, you'll love being close to the shores.

Southern California lives up to its reputation of being a water lover's heaven, home to fun water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving at La Jolla beach, or windsurfing on a breeze California beach, you'll love. All the way up and down the coast, from the remote rocky beach far below the Highway 1 route and its scenic drive on the Northern Coast, to the small Oceanside communities of Pismo Beach, a California beach vacation is the most relaxing way to experience to state and its incredible views, which in themselves are California vacations.

Southern CA Beach
Southern CA Beach

Whether you like the serene coasts of the north or the sunny, fun filled beaches of Los Angeles, you can get to a California beach easily, and there are as plentiful and varied as the attractive people sunning themselves on a busy Southern California beach.

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