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Being one of the largest states in the country, you might wonder how you're going to get around the state on your California vacation. With so many lovely regions to explore, from the idyllic farms of California wine country to the barren flatlands of the Mojave Desert, California travel can seem like a daunting task. Whether you go with a discount car rental or you take a train around the state, there are many ways to get around.

While roads in the state are plentiful and in good repair, it's wise to plan ahead of time what you want to see. Also, airfare between the major cities is often well priced, so California flights are a great way to get around the state as well.

Unless you really enjoy driving over long distances, its safest and least tiring to rent a car if you're going to be in only one region of the state on your California vacation. Some of the best rates in the whole country on rental cars can be found in California. The major car rental companies in California all vie for the tourists dollars that flow into the state, so you are sure to find excellent rates on a discount car rental.

You can compare rates and ask about weekly car rentals, though it is wisest to book well in advance to get the best discount car rental. California travel is made all the more convenient and fun when you have the luxury of choosing when you travel with a California car rental.

Enterprise car rental has the famous pick up service, while other places like Dollar and Budget Car Rental compete to give you the best rate any cheap car rental California has. National car rental and Thrifty car rental are two other well-known companies you can rent a vehicle from. If you really want to save, a company like Rent-A-Wreck rent has older and used cars and is one of the most cheap car rental California has to offer.

Depending on what time of year you travel and where you are going, California highway conditions can vary a great deal. In the California Mountains, you might be in trouble if you're caught on a mountain pass with no tire chains. In other areas like the Mojave Desert, you have to consider the heat and it effects on your car. All in all, the roads are well-marked and in excellent repair, so highway conditions and concerns about this aspect of California travel is mainly in relation to getting around in the mountains and California State Parks.

If you don't have time to make a scenic trip on the coast as you travel north or south on your California vacation, you can take a plane. There are several major airlines that service the big airports and have flights to California. Some of these may not have service between the cities, so you c can save time and money on California flights by booking with one of the smaller commercial airlines such as American Eagle, Southwest Airlines, and United Express. On average, a round trip ticket between Los Angeles and San Francisco is going to run you between $79 to $200 for a round trip ticket.

Amtrak is the alternatives between the two extremes of car rentals and California flights to destinations in the Golden State. Every day there are multiple Amtrak trains offering service from San Diego all the way to the Bay area, and many of the cities of the Central Valley along the way. Although it is general slower, taking a train in California on Amtrak is going to run you well under a hundred dollars each way, halving the price from what is would cost to fly.

No matter what method you choose, whether it be a discounted flight from SF to LA, or the most cheap car rental California has to offer you, getting around the state is inexpensive and easy to do, making your California travel a breeze and adding to the ease and enjoyment of your California vacation.

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