Cape Cod Car Rentals

Cape Cod car rentals are popular for a few different reasons, and should you wish to leave the driving up to someone else upon arrival, that is possible as well. The Cape Cod transportation options are complete enough, and in many cases, getting around on your own two feet is the best way to go. In charming Chatham, for example, the very walkable Main Street awaits, and a stroll to some of the area beaches shouldn't take long.

While it is possible to drive over to Cape Cod or take a vehicle on one of the ferries that allows such service, certain hassles are often part of the picture. The traffic on the two bridges that connect to the mainland can be unsavory, especially during the peak summer season, and getting a vehicle on and off a ferry boat can be time consuming. As such, those who wish to have a car for getting around can always look to rent one upon arrival. Cape Cod rental cars are available at the airport in Barnstable, and there are also major chains that operate in several different towns. Age restrictions apply at some of the car rental agencies, and there are also agencies that don't rent to drivers who have a bad record, so it can be wise to check in advance.

Having a car on a Cape Cod vacation can be a wonderful thing, as it allows the visitor to explore as they please. This is a relatively large island, and cars can help cut down on travel times, which is just one more advantage. If you don't want to drive on your Cape Cod escape, however, there are other transportation options. Numerous towns around the island offer bus service, and this is partly in an attempt to cut down on local congestion. During the summer, many of these buses head to the beach. Hyannis is the main Cape Cod bus hub, and towns that provide local bus service include Falmouth, Dennis, and Harwich. If you can't find a bus route that suits your needs, the island's transit authority offers special shuttles for personal, door-to-door service. This of course costs extra.

While taking a taxi can be relatively expensive, it is an option in terms of Cape Cod transportation. Taxi stands can be found at the airport, and there are various island companies that can take you anywhere you want to go. Many of the Cape Cod taxis have bike racks, as is true of some buses, and there are even some local cab companies that offer sightseeing tours. In reference to the bike racks, this is an island that can be fun to explore on two wheels. Scenic bike paths are found around the island, with the Chatham area being just one example, and bike rental shops are in good supply in almost every town.

Flying and boating help to round out the Cape Cod transportation options. Both are particularly attractive for getting to the nearby islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Several regional airline companies offer flights between the islands and mainland Massachusetts, and charter service is available for those who wish to make their own itinerary. Flying to or from Cape Cod from the mainland or from one of the smaller area islands can seriously reduce travel time, which is one reason to keep it in mind. A flight from the Cape Cod transportation hub of Hyannis to Nantucket only takes around twelve minutes, for example.

As for boating around the Cape Cod area, numerous cruise and ferry companies offer all kinds of fun tours and convenient connections. You can also bring your own boat to Cape Cod or rent one upon arrival if you wish to sail on your own. Numerous marinas are found around the island, so finding a place to dock or rent shouldn't be difficult. In Falmouth, Provincetown, and Hyannis alone, there are around ten different marinas for boaters to take advantage of.

As a side note, getting around Cape Cod by way of moped is possible, as these two-wheel contraptions are legal. That being said, most locals are not very fond of them, partly because of the noise and pollution factors. As such, you might choose to go another route if you aren't a fan of unfriendly looks.

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