Wynn Casino

Nothing about the Wynn resort casino is half-done, so it's unsurprising that the casino floor here is one of the best looking in all of Las Vegas. Though it bears some resemblance to the Bellagio, the Wynn has put its own spin on high class gaming, as abstract art dot the walls beneath elegant ceilings - giving the whole scene a definitively stylish air. Even when you're playing nickel slots (they are here, really, hidden clandestinely away), you still feel like a high roller. Which is a theme found all throughout the Wynn Casino, even the low rollers are treated like first class here. If they can find a cheap enough blackjack table to sit at, that is.

One thing that is pretty standard about the casino at the Wynn Las Vegas is the games available for play. Though there are a lot of table games, from Blackjack (including genius poolside tables for guests) to Caribbean Stud to Let It Ride, you won't find a lot of them offering the standard $5 limit bets, a shame if you are just stopping by to play a few hands. In fact, most of the lowest limit tables are still $15, and even those can be hard to find during the busiest times. In some other casinos, playing this limit would qualify you for all kinds of comps. Not here, though. Fifteen dollars a hand won't even get you noticed. For true low-limit action, you may want to take a walk across the street to the Sahara, where the tables are often plentiful. But at least the Wynn resort casino is one of the few places you can still play "War," along with a few other non-traditional games.

The craps games are often heated, too, with $10 limits to bet on the roll of the dice. The Wynn Las Vegas Casino resort's keno room is noted as being one of the nicest in all of Vegas, though it does mean you'll have to play keno to enjoy it.

The sportsbook may be the only real disappointment on the Wynn casino floor - it seems that the designers put so much time and energy into offering the very best in so many other aspects of the casino, that there just wasn't enough time to extend the same effort into the Wynn Resort Casino sportsbook. Haphazardly laid out and decorated as it is, it still serves its purpose well enough, with a handful of large screen TVs that cater more towards the race fan than the sports fan.

If you are a high roller, though, the Wynn Casino Las Vegas is definitely the place to go. Casinos owned by Steve Wynn are renowned for the excellent way they treat their wealthy clientele, and his newest methods trump them all. Average folk can also earn some meals and room upgrades, but it's certainly not something to bet on.

All in all, the Wynn Casino Las Vegas offers some of the best atmosphere and excitement of anywhere on the Las Vegas Strip, whether you want to play $5000 slots or just want to bask in the sophistication that seems to be imbued into every nook and cranny of the casino floor.

Top image: adrigu (flickr)
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