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New York City is one of the major global cities, leading the world in almost every category including a wide variety of hotels, with most NYC hotel pictures highlighting historic sites such as the Plaza. New York City is the center of global commerce; with numerous international corporations and the most important stock exchanges in the world. It is one of the four major cities London, Paris, and Tokyo that control international finance. New York City New York is a preeminent international political center and home to the United Nations global headquarters.

New York is the leading city for mass media in the United States, and its film industry is second only to Hollywood. New York City events are around every corner. With almost limitless cultural attractions including museums, galleries, sporting arenas, and performance events, New York is a magnet to both tourists and immigrants from around the world who come to see the city's iconic attractions, such as the New York City skyline at night.

New York City
New York City

New York City New York has an area of approximately 321 square miles and consists of five boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Each borough contains several neighborhoods that each have their own unique New York style.

When visiting, it's a good idea to purchase a good New York City guide, as a New York City trip offers a number of choices; the places to visit, events to see, and urban life to experience can be overwhelming, especially for the first-time traveler. Major attractions include the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Empire State Building, Central Park, shopping on Fifth Avenue, and Times Square.

Prominent New York City events include professional sports games (with more than one team in each of the four major sports-baseball, basketball, hockey and football-there are no shortage of games in the New York metro area), Broadway theater productions (New York is the center of American theater with 39 large-scale theaters), numerous music, dance, and comedy performances scattered throughout the city. There is never a shortage in New York City events!

Brooklyn Bridge NYC
Brooklyn Bridge NYC

One of the best ways to take in the attractions is through one of the many New York City tours. You can view the sites from a double-decker bus, cruise around Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, or see the city from the Staten Island Ferry or even a helicopter. Other New York City points of interest include, but certainly are not limited to, The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and Central Park, and New York City tours are available for these spots as well.

Booking a New York City New York trip, along with New York City tours, is well worth the effort, and a trip of at least a week is recommended---though whirlwind visits covering lots of New York City ground certainly take place!

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