Yankee Stadium Seating

Yankee Stadium Seating

The Yankee Stadium seating capacity for baseball games is 50,291. This takes into account the actual seats only. If you also figure in the standing room capabilities, this number increases to 52,325. It should also be noted right off the bat (pun intended) that the primarily baseball-related Yankee Stadium can host football games and other events, in which case the total seating capacity is usually closer to 54,000.

Consult a Yankee Stadium map, and you might notice that the new ballpark can be found right across the street from the site of the old Yankee Stadium. In keeping with tradition, the Yankees not only maintained a similar Bronx location, they also integrated into the new stadium many design elements from the old facility. The seats, for example, are laid out in similar fashion, with the upper grandstand seats stretching beyond the foul poles and the bleacher seats being found beyond the outfield fences. Both the grandstand seats and the bleacher seats figure among the most affordable Yankee Stadium seats, with regular game day prices ranging from $15 to $33. It should be noted that the cheapest of the bleacher seats – those found in sections 201 and 239 – are obstructed view seats. Every other seat in the house offers clear sight lines.

The more expensive Yankee Stadium seats are understandably those that are set lower and closer to the field. The closer you get to the infield in particular, the higher the prices go. The general game day price range for these non-bleacher and non-grandstand seats is about $50 to about $300. At the higher end of the scale are the Field MVP seats and the Field Level seats – sections 112 to 128. Even more exclusive, and thus more expensive, are the Legends Suite seats. On a Yankee Stadium map, these seats are found between the infield walls and the Field MVP and Field Level seats – sections 11 to 29. The Legends Suite seats are not openly priced, so anyone who is interested should contact the Yankees organization.

Rounding out the Yankee Stadium seating options are more than 50 suites. Tickets for these are at a premium. Those that can be rented on an individual game basis include the Individual Game Suites, the Party Suites, and the Luxury Suites. The Individual Game Suites and Party Suites can accommodate anywhere from 12 to 74 guests, or up to 382 people when combined. The especially well-equipped Luxury Suites can accommodate between 12 and 22 guests. Also available is a special Club Suite that combines four of the Luxury Suites and can accommodate up to 74 people. The normal game day price range for these group rooms is high – from more than $6,000 to nearly $15,000, and all inclusive-food and non-alcoholic beverage service is included. Any remaining suites at Yankee Stadium can be reserved for extended periods by booking through the organization.

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