Oregon Transportation

Oregon transportation in general is usually a stress-free experience.  Miles of open road perfect for driving, the Oregon coastline is a favorite roadway for travel by car.  Within the cities, Oregon transportation tends toward keeping Oregon green, with lots of public transportation available in Portland and some of the larger cities such as Eugene.  Smaller towns, like most rural area, do not offer the same level of public transportation, and if you plan to camp or hike along the back roads you’ll want a car.

Public transportation in Portland is by far the best offered in the state.  Both trains in Portland Oregon and Portland Oregon city buses are completely free when you ride them downtown.  In an effort to encourage folks to leave their cars out of the downtown area, a 300 square block section of downtown offers free transportation.  This is extremely handy for tourists and makes getting around fairly simple.  The Portland Oregon city bus and the street car combine to make stops at the Portland Art Museum and many of Portland’s best restaurants and shopping.  Even in the areas where rides are not free, the Portland Oregon city bus system provides great service to locations on the outskirts of town as well.

Trains in Portland Oregon are an equally pleasant way to get around.  The MAX system is the somewhat new addition to the Portland public transportation system, and offers light rail trains in Portland Oregon above ground.  This is a quick, energy efficient way to get around in the city.  What’s more, the interior of the MAX trains is quite clean and comfortable, making this an even more attractive way to see Portland.

If you do plan to travel out from the city to do your own sightseeing, you will need your own wheels to get around with any amount of efficiency.  Portland car rental, like car rental in most large cities, is available through a number of carriers.  To take advantage of Portland car rental, you simply need a valid driver’s license from anywhere in the United States, a refundable credit card deposit, and insurance (you can purchase car insurance for your Portland car rental right at the dealership for the length of your rental). 

Using a car for your Oregon transportation is the best way to go if you plan to head to areas further out, such as the Willamette Valley or the Oregon Coast.  In the valley, wine tasting and slow-boat cruises down the river are increasing in popularity.  Drives down the coast for a stop at the world-famous Oregon Aquarium are also a great way to travel.  If you plan to ski or snowboard at Mt Hood or Mt Bachelor, there are shuttles available from nearby towns, but car rental is often the most efficient option.  The various numbers of ways to get around in Oregon belies the number of great vacations and activities that await travelers.

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