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The long, skinny configuration of Chile offers visitors more than 2,500 miles (about 4,000 kilometers) of coastline. For those travelers seeking sun, there are many options for Chile beaches. Whether your interest is fishing, wind-surfing, or kayaking there is the perfect Chile beach for you outdoor activities of choice. The landscape of the coastline of Chile varies between the northern, central, and southern parts of the country. From islands and coves to predominantly rocky coastlines, the best beaches in Chile are found in the north and central regions of the country. As you travel further south, the landscape becomes too rocky to enjoy any popular beach activities.

Beach in Chile
Beach in Chile

Climate affects any beach vacation, and it is a main draw to central Chile. The warm days and cool nights remind many visitors of certain areas of California, with a dependable and mild climate. With many Chile beaches in close proximity to Santiago, it is easy for international visitors to reach this beautiful area of coastline, as most arrive in via the country's capital city. During the summer months beach resorts experience a surge of visitors, and nightlife becomes more popular as a result. In Spanish, a beach resort is called a balneario and draw visitors equally for relaxation and water sports.

While the best beaches in Chile may be debatable, some are certainly more popular than others. Vina del Mar is one of Chile’s most famous beaches and has been attracting the upper classes of the country since the 1870s. Many consider this area to be Chile’s prime seaside resort, and it is sometimes referred to as the Chilean Riviera. Located just five miles north of Valparaiso, Vina del Mar is easily accessible. Santiago is only 75 miles away, increasingly the popularity of this Chile beach. The President of Chile has a summer home here, and a variety of beach resorts and restaurants draw tourists from around the world.

The best beaches in Chile include the five beaches of Valparaiso. This is Chile’s major seaport, and with its close proximity to Santiago, it is also a popular destination on a Chile vacation. The steep nature of the beaches makes them especially picturesque, and the town has much to do beyond beach activities. Similar to other areas of the coastline, restaurants are known for serving fresh seafood. A Chile beach will offer a range of accommodation options as well, with everything from camping to five-star resorts on offer to visitors.

Other popular Chile beaches in the central region include Reñaca, known for white sand; Algarrobo, known for aquatic sports, and Zapallar, which is famous for its beautiful landscape. North of the central Santiago region, La Serena and Caldera are growing in popularity, especially for surfing and windsurfing. In the far north, temperatures are a bit cooler, but beaches are still popular; good options here include Arica and Mejillones. But no matter what beach you choose across Chile, your vacation will be defined by the vivacious culture of this up-and-coming South American destination.

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