Private Islands

Private islands offer the ultimate beach experience for many travelers. While it is commonly thought that a private island vacation rental is only for luxury island trips, or will break the bank, this is no longer true. While of course there are still resorts that are only in the price range of the rich and famous, your dream of relaxing on a hammock on one of these islands is a possibility within even a modest budget. Recent travel trends have shown a return to smaller, more intimate properties. This makes a private island resort all the more desirable, as travelers seek to get away from the cookie-cutter packages of large resorts. With a little research, you could be relaxing on a private beach in no time.

Before discussing the more affordable private islands, it is hard to ignore the resorts that attract the rich and famous. If budget isn’t a concern, there is a list of private islands where musicians, politicians, and celebrities go to soak up the sun. A famous private island resort is Turtle Island in Fiji, where a staff of over 100 caters to just fourteen couples. Similarly, Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson’s Caribbean resort can blow the budget with a price tag of $23,500 per couple. While these trips might be reserved for only the super-wealthy, there are still options for enjoying a private island for the rest of us.

If you want to travel to private islands but still want the resort experience, you’re in luck. A private island resort in your price range might require some more extensive travel, but if you’re willing to put in the time, you will be rewarded upon arrival. From Whipray Caye Lodge on the Belize Barrier Reef to Robinson Crusoe Island in Fiji, there are affordable private island options available around the globe. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these resorts offer incredible activities. The Nangyuan Island Dive Resort in Thailand, priced at approximately $100 a night, offers incredible scuba diving and the opportunity to see sea turtles, whale sharks, and more.

Private islands also offer a chance to get to know the people behind the hotel. While you may never meet the manager in a large resort in the Caribbean, you might just sit down to coffee every morning with the manager of a hotel on a private island. More favorites around the globe include Tiger Islands Village & Eco Resort in Indonesia, Cooper Island Beach Resort in the British Virgin Islands, and Chapwani Private Island in Tanzania. If you’re looking for a different way to experience a beach vacation, these private islands, and their exotic destinations, will be a fantastic change from the regular routine.

A private island vacation rental is a great place to start if you’re traveling on a budget. Whether you rent directly from the owner or rent a villa that is part of a small hotel or resort, you are sure to receive a better price than if you choose the full-service resort route. While there may be fewer amenities, there will also be fewer distractions at these vacation rentals. Caribbean islands such as Mustique, located in the Grenadines, offer an array of villas and vacation rentals, which all together bring much more peace and quiet to this type of destination than you’d find through hotels and resorts on the major island destinations.

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