New Years 2018

Russia New Years
Russia New Years

New Years parties will be going on all over the globe, no matter where you find yourself. Your idea of an ideal New Years party could differ greatly from that of another person, and regardless of how you choose to usher in the New Year, there will be plenty of opportunities to get in where you fit in. Whether finding New Years Eve clubs is on your agenda, or spending that special evening out on a cruise package New Years is the way you want to go, the options will generally run the gamut in your location of choice. Of course, the Times Square ball drop in New York City is a New Years Eve institution, and it is free. You can expect to pay from $50 on up to around $200 for your New Years party of choice, otherwise, and you can also splurge a bit extra for a VIP experience at some parties. But money worries should take a back seat when it comes to a night that is so special. Regardless of what you pay to celebrate, one thing is for certain. At New Years parties in the top travel destinations around the globe, fun and good vibrations are the main focus, so enjoy yourself and the people around you, because you only get one chance a year to party like this.

London New Years
London New Years  Image: visitlondon

If you are looking for New Years vacation ideas in New York City outside of Times Square, then you can start with the New Years Eve Nightclubs. The Big Apple has plenty of clubs that have made their mark on the scene, and you can be sure that the parties at some, if not most of them, will be truly thumping. New Years nightclubs can be found throwing memorable bashes in such other cities as London, Los Angeles and Paris as well, so if you are in one of these cities and want to add a bit of hedonism to your New Years Eve celebration, then you will want to grab your tickets as soon as possible to make sure you don't get left out. Special guest DJ's will be in attendance at a good amount of the New Years nightclubs, and they will keep the music going long into the night. Most of the nightclubs that you will consider spending New Years Eve at will offer complimentary party favors, as well as the customary champagne toast at midnight. After all, a New Years Eve party without favors and champagne just wouldn't feel the same. If you find that the New Years Eve clubs that you had your eye on are booked when you get around to making a decision, there is little need to fret. There will likely be a comparable option somewhere not too far away.

New Years Party
New Years Party  Image: Las Vegas New Bureau

Perhaps you want to be outside for New Years Eve and enjoy the fresh air and the thousands of other revelers who are sharing the same experience. On New Years Eve, perfect strangers become friends and there is little, to no room for bringing the party down. If you are celebrating New Years Eve in Paris, Champs-Elysees is where thousands head, armed with bottles of champagne and plastic flutes. Of course there is the Times Square New Years Party in New York City. You may not have considered heading south for New Years in Mexico, but if you are in Mexico City, the street party at Zocalo square is surely the center of action. If you are looking for outdoors New Years Eve Las Vegas parties, then the Vegas Strip and the downtown Fremont Experience are sure to have you covered. What happens in Vegas, might stay in Vegas, but they can't take the lifetime memories away, now can they? As for the Los Angeles New Years, arguably the biggest and baddest outdoor New Years Party takes place to the south of the city's sprawling limits. At the Orange county New Years Eve Celebration in San Juan Capistrano, you can see top acts perform and watch a ball drop that is followed by fireworks.

Dubai New Years
Dubai New Years

Fireworks will be going off all over the world on New Years Eve 2022, and regardless of whether you choose to stray far from home, or decide to stay local, you're sure to have an opportunity to find a fireworks show somewhere close by. If you are taking a New Years cruise, say in Chicago, the view of the fireworks against the city skyline is a sight to behold. For those celebrating New Years in Seattle, the fireworks over the Space Needle are simply amazing to witness. In London, you can check out the display over Big Ben and the Parliament buildings. As for fireworks for your taste buds, a New Years Eve dinner party is the ideal for those preferring perhaps a more laid back atmosphere. A number of restaurants from top cities to small towns will offer a New Years Eve dinner that you can spend with just that special someone, or with a group of friends. The number of courses will vary according to location and price, but you are most likely bound to enjoy the special dishes that make the menu.

One thing to consider when planning your New Years Eve out is that the sooner you book your spot, the better. Sometimes, when you book in advance, you can save money on the overall price, not to mention the fact that you'll have a much better chance of being a part of the shindig you intend to attend. Feliz Año, Bonne Annee, Happy New Year! No matter how it say it, New Years brings the promise of so much.

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