Toronto Ferry

Toronto Ferry

Toronto ferry service connects the downtown core with the Toronto Islands as well as other ports including Rochester and New York. One of the great benefits of living in as well as visiting Toronto is that you have access to all of the attractions and activities of a large metropolitan city, while also being able to enjoy the Toronto Harbour and greater Lake Ontario. The Toronto Island ferries make fun destinations such as Toronto Centre Island, Hanlan’s Point, and Ward’s Island very easy to access, and at a reasonable fee, expanding your vacation possibilities and list of things to do.

The ferries, depending on the type, serve two purposes. There are those that travel back and forth from the Islands to the Toronto Harbour, and others that provide service to farther destinations. The Spirit of Ontario provides Rochester to Toronto ferry service and also serves the port at New York. This is a high-speed catamaran that carries passengers in relative luxury the approximately 90 miles is takes on the Rochester to Toronto Ferry. The Port of Rochester offers all kinds of incentives and travel packages to Toronto and New York City. When you book passage on a Rochester to Toronto ferry, you can take advantage of savings with the Toronto City Pass that contains hundreds of dollars of savings to popular area attractions like the Toronto Zoo, CN Tower, and Casa Loma. Just as you can book a ferry from Rochester, you can also do so from Toronto to any of the above mentioned ports. If you fancy spending time in both Toronto and New York City over the course of your week vacation, a Toronto ferry can make traveling between the two easy.

The Toronto Island ferries operate year round providing access to the Islands. Ferry schedules vary from season to season but generally, in the spring and summer, the first ferries depart from the city at 8 a.m., 9:15 a.m., 9:30 a.m., and 10 a.m. All subsequent ferries depart in 30-minute intervals after 10 a.m. The last ferry leaves the city at 11:15 p.m. A similar schedule of departures applies to Centre Island, Ward’s Island, and Hanlan’s Point. It is a modest fee to ride the Toronto Island ferries, especially when you consider that many of the activities on the islands are free or nearly free.

The Islands are primarily public parks and recreation grounds that offer sports fields, pavilions, grills, and access to the beaches and various water sports. But for residents or frequent visitors of Toronto who spend as much time as possible on the Toronto beaches and islands, you can take advantage of monthly passes that add up to significant savings. A Toronto ferry monthly pass for an adult who is planning to make even a once weekly trip to the islands in the spring and summer will realize sufficient savings to at least look into the monthly ferry membership card. The Toronto Island ferries give everyone in the city the ability to enjoy the Harbour, the islands, and the lovely Toronto beaches. If you are planning a trip to Toronto in the warm months of spring and summer, you should consider spending a day or two exploring the Toronto Islands.

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