Paris New Years Eve Fireworks

Paris New Years Eve fireworks displays are the exception - not the rule. The Eiffel Tower was the site of a spectacular fireworks display at the turn of the millenium 1999/2000. This huge event surpassed even the renowned Sydney Harbour display, which is the first major display in the world. On that night, the tower was fitted with high-tech LED lights that competed with the fireworks. Since then, the light show is a nightly event. The color and design of the lights have been changed periodically to mark other special occassions, such as the tower's own anniversary and France's appearance in the World Cup of rugby.

Paris New Years Eve Fireworks
Paris New Years Eve Fireworks

You are more apt to see the Eiffel Tower lit up with pyrotechnics on July 14th, Bastille Day, the French equivalent of America's Independence Day. However, the Champs Elysees and other streets around the grand tower play host to a vast New Years Eve street party. Revelers have bottles of champagne to pop at mignight, and random firecrackers are set off in the crowd. In fact, people often carry umbrellas, both for protection from rain or snow as well as protection from firecracker sparks. This is not the place for lone women or anyone who doesn't want to be crowded by thousands of people. A hotel room with a view of the tower is a great vantage point for the festivities, as are places like Montmartre.  

If you are looking for Paris New Years Eve fireworks, you should check the tower's official website to see if they are scheduled, because Eiffel Tower fireworks occur only on very special occasions. 2023 Eiffel Tower fireworks were not scheduled. There are regularly scheduled fireworks (called "bonfires") at Disneyland Paris. These occur most often on Bastille Day and in the month of November, although there have been some Paris New Years Eve fireworks on certain years. Worth noting is the fact that the Disneyland Paris attractions operate until 1 a.m. on New Years Eve, and it's also possible to find a lot of great 2023 Paris New Years packages for this destination.

Also worth noting is the fact that many Parisian youths arm themselves with firecrackers on New Years Eve. They tend to set them off in the streets, in the subways, and anywhere else you can imagine. It's not much different in other European cities. In Rome or Milan, for example, you can expect the same thing. The overall result is relatively harmless, though visitors should be made aware so that they can be vigilant.

Image: Paris Tourist Office - Amélie Dupont
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