Atlantis Bahamas Cruises

Atlantis Bahamas Cruises
Atlantis Bahamas Cruises

Atlantis Bahamas cruises are a popular option for vacationers with time on their hands. Cruising to this world-famous mega-resort in the spectacular archipelago of the Bahamas ensures that you reach your destination fully rested and ready to go. It’s no wonder that so many guests choose to cruise to the Atlantis Bahamas resort. At Atlantis, guests will want to take advantage of the impressive variety of sports facilities, games rooms, restaurants, bars and pools on their doorstep—not to mention the largest casino in the Caribbean. On a cruise ship it’s easy to rest and recuperate, sample the tasty food and drink of the Caribbean, and watch the turquoise seas glide by, before booking into the adventure that awaits you.

Cruises to the Bahamas leave from Miami, Port Canaveral, Jacksonville, Tampa, Norfolk and New York. Fort Lauderdale, in Florida, is the most frequently used embarkation point, as it is the closest to the archipelago. Travelers wishing to cruise to the Atlantis Bahamas resort can choose from value, mid-range, and luxury cruise lines. The Atlantis resort is based on Paradise Island, a short journey from Nassau, on Grand Bahama island. Nassau and Freeport (on New Providence Island) are regular ports of call for cruises.

Disney, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival cruise lines have a special relationship with the resort. These ships offer shore excursion packages, which include a tour of the harbor and the hotel itself, as well as an opportunity to take advantage of Atlantis’s beach, restaurants, casino, and shopping areas. Visitors can also make use of the resort’s sports facilities and aquariums. Some facilities are off limits, however. The deals with Disney and Royal Caribbean don’t cover pools and changing rooms, while water sports are available on the beach, but are not inclusive. Visitors cruising with Carnival can take advantage of select pools, and are given the added bonus of a lunch coupon, to spend at a choice of outdoor restaurants.

Other ships don’t have this special relationship, but provide Atlantis Bahamas cruises that include day passes to the resort. While these passes don’t provide access to the beach, visitors can wander through the resort itself and gaze at this architectural marvel that takes inspiration from ancient Greece, Rome, and the early Mediterranean civilization of the Minoans. Atlantis plays host to a spectacular 50,000 sea animals, and visitors are invited to have close-up encounters with these creatures at the many lagoons and exhibitions on the resort. Day-trippers are also welcome to use the casino and choose from the dazzling array of restaurants and bars on offer. A cruise to the Atlantis Bahamas resort, even without beach access, will never leave you short of things to do.

The Bahamas is often the destination of choice for first-time cruisers, due to its close proximity to Fort Lauderdale. Almost all of the major cruise lines offering these shorter journeys stop at either Freeport or Nassau, allowing first-time cruisers to also get their first taste of Atlantis. The spring break is a popular time for Atlantis Bahamas cruises. Most of the spring break cruise itineraries stop at Nassau, so students, or anyone who wants to really let their hair down, can party all the way to Paradise Island.

Once your ship has boarded at Nassau, there are two options for getting to Paradise island: a water taxi or standard car taxi. A water taxi takes ten to fifteen minutes and comes at a set price. You may have to haggle with a car taxi driver, but the trip over the bridge is also short, and has the added benefit of being able to drop you straight at reception. Atlantis is without a doubt one of the ten top hotels in the Bahamas. However you get there, it’s likely that you won’t want to leave.

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