Red Bull Air Race

Red Bull Air Race

Red Bull Air Race 2022 is an international, sky-bound racing event conceived by Red Bull. Pilots operate human-powered vehicles of flight (no engines or traditional aircraft here). Competitors must make their way through a series of obstacles and complete the race in the quickest time. Red Bull pilots must fly solo, racing against time to master narrow turns while managing their craft through a winding course dotted with plenty of purposeful obstacles, called Air Gates.

Red Bull Air locations have varied over the years, with new venues announced each year. Generally the races, and the famous and hilarious Red Bull Flugtag, are held near major cities over bodies of water, or near either natural world wonders or large airfields. Some of the most famous Red Bull Air Race locations have been Abu Dhabi, Rio de Janeiro, and Perth, Australia.

Red Bull Air Race History and Facts

Inaugurated in 2001, the Red Bull Air Race is one of most creative sporting events created by the team’s research organization. The purpose of the race was to pose a major challenge in aviation races that would require the top skills of the world’s best pilots. The focus of the race is about skill and precision aviation, not simply speed. The course, specially created with dozens of obstacles, was the brainchild of Red Bull’s think tank.

Red Bull Air Race locations, which have been all over the world, including Hungary, Austria, United States, and Australia, have typically been flooded with aviation fans anticipating a look at unconventional navigation by pilots at high speeds in an unconventional race unique to the flight world. Each of the Red Bull Air Race locations have also featured special aviation shows during the event. Most all air races have taken place during a weekend, with the initial day featuring pilot qualifications with finals held the next day.

The Red Bull Flugtag 2022 is one of the most widely awaited special events at each of the races around the world. Homemade flight creations, powered solely by humans, are typically launched off something akin to a pier, where the pilot then tries to fly his or her invention as it is catapulted over water. The Red Bull Flugtag is one of the most entertaining aspects to the race and though most pilots give it their all, most inventions never manage to take flight, but rather crash into the water to a roar of cheers.

Note that there will be a break for the Red Bull Air race in 2011 while the organization time to creates tighter regulations for safety, and revises both the commercial aspects and elements within the main organization. During the time the organization will also seek to strengthen partnerships with host cities around the world, and come back stronger.

Tickets to Red Bull Air Race

Though most races can be seen from quite a distance away from the official venue, buying tickets to the Red Bull Air Race 2022 means enjoying a position of privilege with exceptional views of the track and also immediate access to massive screens projecting the images via camera and accompanied by world class sound systems. Ticketed seating also comes with access to a hospitality area, seats within a grandstand, and food kiosks selling snacks, meals, and drinks. There are also restrooms set up on site. Sometimes, guests with tickets to Red Bull Air race will also enjoy an opportunity to meet some of the world-famous pilots that race in the competitions.

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