Peru surpasses nearly all other destinations in the world when it comes to a rewarding vacation. Boasting some of the most unique indigenous peoples on the planet, as well as a storied history and a variety of natural landscapes that will exhaust your camera, a Peru trip is most often a life-changing experience. Speaking of events, Peruvian festivals and holidays are among the most colorful on the planet, and with thousands of them going on throughout the year and across the country, chances are good that you can add one of these unforgettable experiences to your list of things to do. A Peru vacation is part adventure, part learning experience. Outdoor pursuits and intriguing ruins will have your heart pounding and your imagination soaring, and not only will you learn a lot about the people and events that shaped Peru, but you will also probably learn a lot about yourself in the process. Peru is magical, exciting, awe-inspiring and mesmerizing all at once, and if you treat yourself to a vacation in Peru, you will long live the memories in your mind. Chances are you’ll return again one day. Better sooner than later.

Peru tours are numerous, and especially in cities like Cusco, Puno and Arequipa, adding at least one tour to your visit is a common practice. Finding a Peru travel guide is an easy business, as Peru tourism is one of the country’s top industries, and going with a guide is often the most practical way to go. If you choose to hike the Inca Trail, you must go with a Peru travel guide, and you can choose from a list of trips of varying length. Mountain climbing in Peru is also a top outdoor pursuit, but unless you are experienced, finding a local Peru travel guide is in your best interest. Some mountains in Peru require that you be of advanced skill, but others can be ideal for intermediate or even inexperienced climbers, and the Andes Mountains in Peru are arguably the most beautiful mountains on the planet. Seeing them from the top of a 18,000-20,000 foot peak is surely a treat for the senses. If you are in Peru anytime from December through March, the Peru beaches are enjoying their peak season, and Peru surfing is at its best. Boasting world-class waves and the longest wave on the planet, surfing in Peru is not only ideal for beginners, but for the most skilled as well.

Taking advantage of the services of a Peru travel guide is of course the means by which most Peru visitors take to the Amazon Rainforest. Tours from Lima and Cusco can bring tourists into the jungle, and many tours include a night or more at one of the unique jungle lodges found near the base cities of Iquitos, Manu and Puerto Maldonado. When you imagine that you can surf in Peru, trek in the Andes Mountains, and then drop into the jungle all within the same week, it is an impressive notion indeed. Toss in the fact that each region in Peru has its customary food traditions and tendencies, and you have a chance to sample what some hail as one of the top cuisines in the world. Due to its diversity and its flavor, Peru cuisine is surely attracting the attention of even the most critical food connoisseurs.


Once you have decided when to take your Peru vacation, you will face the exciting process of choosing possible destinations and activities. There seems almost nothing you can’t, or wouldn’t want to do in Peru. Though the practical and affordable domestic Peru flights make crossing the country rather easy, you might need more than one trip down to fully appreciate the almost endless list of attractions. In the northern highlands of Peru, the ruins of ancient civilizations, such as the adobe city of Chan Chan, beckon curious visitors. On the southern border of Peru, the town of Puno and sacred Lake Titicaca make for a welcome diversion. Of course, a trip to Cusco and on to Machu Picchu is a must, with the recommendation that you also consider visiting towns like Pisac and Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley.

In Peru, you can check out the Andean condors, or hike at Colca Canyon, which is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. In the jungle, you can see animal species you would have never believed existed, such as pink dolphins and 600-lb lowland tapirs. Add a walk in the jungle to your Peru travel experience, and have the chance to interact with local tribesmen or shamans. Of course, rare is the trip to Peru that doesn’t include at least a day or two in Lima. A city tour of Lima can be a good way to learn about its history and to hit its major sites, or you might consider the option to go paragliding off the cliffs at Miraflores. Most Peru cities, in addition to maintaining an indigenous presence, still exude the influence of their Spanish occupation. Beautiful colonial churches, buildings and homes from the days of Spanish rule are part of the “urban” canvass in Peru, and each city, it seems, has its own Plaza de Armas, or main square. A vacation in Peru allows you to feel as though you are traveling through time at certain points. Hearing the descendants of the Inca still speaking the ancient Quechua language while staring up at an ornate Spanish church can truly be a tad confounding, but all-the-while invigorating. Plan your Peru trip now, and see why Peru tourism is such a wonderful and rewarding thing.

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