Costa Rica Transportation

Costa Rica Transportation

Compared to the United States, public transportation in Costa Rica is cheaper, more frequent and accessible. You have your options of the convenient and dirt cheap buses after your arrive at one of the many Costa Rica airports. Besides the bus, there are a lot of other options for Costa Rica transportation. Sometimes its best to make the extra effort to take a bus, you can save quite a lot if you compare it to the price of a car rental. Put away your map of Costa Rica and let someone else deal with the traffic. Bus schedules and information can be found at the Tourist Information center, ICT. Keep in mind that the weekends and Friday and Monday are times when the buses are most crowded. During these times, people have to stand and hold onto rails, so keep this in mind if you have a lot of luggage. The bus that you were planning to take just may not have enough room for you and your things, putting a dent in your Costa Rica transportation plans.

Half of all visitors looking for transportation in Costa Rica will invariably rent a car. You can rent cars when you arrive at the airport, in the capitol San Jose, as well as other places that see lots of visitor traffic. The four-wheel drives that are often available are great on the unpaved country roads as well as the potholed city streets. In San Jose, under the Plaza de la Cultura, stop at the ICT, which is the tourism bureau, and pick up a map of Costa Rica or ask for directions if you need help planning your trip. San Jose driving can be a challenge for drivers as well as pedestrians. Local drivers in private cars will speed up at times instead of slowing, as they should, for pedestrians. They are equally as inconsiderate and reckless when it comes to other cars, so be prepared for a wild ride whether you”re a passenger or a driver in the congested streets of cities such as San Jose. Costa Rica maps are indispensable tools that can help you get around in all the bustle and confusion.

Taxis are a great way to get around and are less expensive than in other countries. Make sure the meter is turned on once you begin your trip. You will be charged more to go out of town, so ask before you get in what the fees will be and be prepared with some basic Costa Rica travel information.

Air travel is a great way to get around quickly and easily, since Costa Rica has dozens of airports. The domestic airlines offer the best rates on inter-country travel. Travel Air, Nature Air, Sansa, and Lasca, the oldest national airline, all service the major and minor Costa Rica airports.

Train service is mainly on the Atlantic side of the country. If you”re looking for romance and adventure you might enjoy this method of transportation in Costa Rica, but it will not take you far, since service is limited. Two companies that can arrange a ticket for you are Swiss Travel Agency and TAM travel.

Costa Rica maps are invaluable sources of Costa Rica travel information on topics such as country roads, geography, parks and elevation. Whether you bus it, take a taxi, rent a car, or take a flight to the next place you visit in this country, you will find Costa Rica transportation cheap, plentiful and convenient.

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