Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden
Madison Square Garden New York

Madison Square Garden New York is a world-class sport arena located in New York City’s Manhattan borough. Madison Square Garden New York has occupied four different buildings and locations over its more than 125 years, beginning with its first location at 26th Street and Madison Avenue, up to its current residence built in 1968, with a gala opening event hosted by Bing Crosby and Bob Hope.

Famous Madison Square Garden dates in history include 1971’s first Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier boxing bout, the New York Rangers’ winning of the first Stanley Cup in 1994, and the 2001 concert to benefit the victims of the World Trade Center terrorist attack.

Madison Square Garden events

Madison Square Garden events are held year-round, and the Garden is best known for its sports events. The NBA Knicks, the WNBA Liberty, and the NHL Rangers all call Madison Square Garden their home turf. Past Democrat and Republican Conventions have been held in Madison Square Garden, and Madison Square Garden events and concerts have showcased famous artists such as Billy Joel, John Lennon, and Frank Sinatra. When the Barnum and Bailey Circus come to New York City, Madison Square Garden is where it pitches its tent. Before boxing was relocated to Las Vegas, some of the most famous bouts were held at Madison Square Garden, including two of the Joe Frazier/Muhammad Ali matches. The Main Event was among Madison Square Garden events!

Madison Square Garden seats upwards

Madison Square Garden seats upwards of 20,000 for sporting events—nearly double that for concerts. Madison Square Garden seating is arranged in tiers, ascending from level to level to ensure optimal viewing for all attendees. Check out the Madison Square Garden seating chart to find out where you might be located for any given event.

Madison Square Garden tours are available to the public, and are a great way to get a behind-the-scenes look into the workings of a world-famous sports arena. See the team locker rooms, and learn all about Madison Square Garden’s colorful 125-year history during the All Access Tour. Take the tour, if only to see how they change a basketball court into a hockey ice rink!

Additional Madison Square Garden seating is also available onsite, where other large-crowd events are routinely held: The Theater at Madison Square Garden and The Expo Center, both of which can accommodate the likes of stage shows, large meetings, and graduation ceremonies.

The are numerous hotels near Madison Square Garden within an easily accessible area around the facility. Additionally, restaurants near Madison Square Garden are even more numerous. This iconic facility, along with countless other New York City experiences, will leave the visitor with a lasting impression of big-city excitement, talent, and history.

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