North Carolina Beaches

North Carolina Beaches

The best beaches in North Carolina are found along the Outer Bank. The well known Cape Hatteras and Cape Fear are just the beginning of some of the great beaches in North Carolina. Most of the areas mentioned are also places where excellent North Carolina beach rentals can be located for a vacation stay of a weekend or an entire week. Whether you head to one of the major state parks for North Carolina fishing or plan to hide away at a cabin on one of the smaller North Carolina beaches, beaches in North Carolina are often referred to as some of the best on the Atlantic Coast.

Carolina Beach State Park is one great option for a trip to the beach. Although swimming is not allowed at Carolina Beach State Park, this is a popular place to go for sea life enthusiasts. The creatures and surrounding plants (including native Venus Flytraps) make for a great day of walking and exploring. There are also just over 5 miles worth of hiking trails, and many consider this to be one of the best beaches in North Carolina. The beach goes on for about 10 miles, and there is no entrance fee to use the park.

Another of the best beaches in North Carolina is the Wrightsville Beach. Located on the Cape Fear coast near Wilmington and the Cape Fear Museum, Wrightsville Beach is generally packed with swimmers and loungers during the summer. There is no fee imposed for using the beach, and the beach is actually located on an island which is connected to the main shore by a draw bridge. Travelers will find toilet facilities and picnic areas at the beach, but if you go in the summer get there early, especially on the weekend. By lunchtime, the picnic tables and the entire beach is full of people.

Another great choice among North Carolina beaches is Kure Beach. This is one of the best beaches in North Carolina for travelers looking for an un-crowded place to kick back during the summer. Kure Beach is located close to Cape Fear River and is a relaxed place where a nice selection of beachside cafes comes to life mainly during the summer for tourists and local residents. Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head are also popular beaches in North Carolina.

North Carolina beach rentals can be found near or on all of the beaches mentioned above. The Outer Bank is another place to go in general to find great North Carolina beach rentals for a vacation. Note that in North Carolina, swimming is off-limits at some beaches due to high winds and difficult currents. Some beaches might be closed during summer hours when they would normally be open due to inclement weather conditions, so be sure to check your weather report before packing up your beach gear.

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