American Airlines Center

American Airlines Center

The Dallas American Airline Center is home to their prime time sporting events. There are a total of 38 concession stands featuring a variety of menus and items. There is food and drink for people of all ages. Everything from nachos to hamburgers to turkey legs depending on the event. The American Airline Center is home to the Dallas Stars and the Dallas Mavericks. Besides sporting events this Dallas attraction is host to music, arts and theater events.

Check the calendar for a list of shows and events that will be up and coming. It will provide you with the experience that a large venue has to offer. Imagine the thrill of thousands of fans gathering yelling and screaming about their favorite team or musical band.

The American Airline Center opened in 2001. This was the type of Dallas tourist attraction to see. It is the premier venue in the south. It is a large complex fit with sweeping vistas, 142 luxury suites and room for 20,000 fans or 18,532 hockey fans. David M. Schwarz designed it as a combination of traditional style with hi-tech wizardry. It is consistently rated the number one sporting venue in Texas, and one of the best in the country. Once you arrive you will know you are there by the signature arches in the front. This Dallas tourist attraction is fun and inviting. The American Airline center is an all-star sporting venue, but also attracts big events from circuses to wrestling events.

There are plenty of restaurants in and around the Airline Center. One Dallas attraction in this area that might spark some interest is the Dakota’s Steakhouse. Texas has the best steaks money can by, and Dakota’s is certainly worth a shot. It is not just Steakhouses in the area though. You can find Mexican places, Bar and grills, seafood and Italian food. Your test buds will be anticipating the taste, especially after all that cheering.

The American Airline Center attracts a lot of tourists and locals alike. It is a Dallas attraction for everyone. Once you have set up and settled down near the center, it is a great starting point for other Dallas tourist attractions. Try and cover Dallas in just a few days by checking out the Sixth Floor Museum, the Dallas World Aquarium perhaps travel to the Dallas Cowboys stadium. Make the most of Dallas, and they are sure you will return looking to soak up even more fun in the lone star state.

Come join the excitement at this Dallas tourist attraction hotspot. There is plenty of food to eat, drinks for parched mouths, places to stay and things to do. Come for a game, a concert, a circus or a wrestling match and you’ll never to step foot anywhere else but the Airline Center. You won’t believe how much you’ll have.

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