The continent of Europe contains many diverse nations, each with its own traditions. Travel to Europe and you'll experience these different cultures first hand. From the lush valleys of the Black Forest in Germany, to the Italian Alps, to the running of the bulls in Pamplona, to visiting historic Normandy, trips to Europe are never boring.

Those looking for cheap travel to Europe are best advised to do research on some of the popular travel websites available online. While it can be challenge to find bargain tickets, there are a few tricks you can use to shave some dollars off your boarding pass. The first, and foremost, is to schedule your flights from a major airline hub like New York or London where you're more likely to find cheap travel to Europe. If you don't leave near a hub, you can always book a flight with one airline to reach the hub and then use another for cheap travel to Europe. As an example, British Airways typically offers good deals when it comes to a cheap trip to Europe.


Serving as the crossroads of Europe, Germany connects the western Atlantic nations to Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia in the north to the Mediterranean countries of the south. With beaches on two seas, a temperate climate, picturesque scenery, and numerous metropolises, Germany offers many attractions for those looking for Europe travel destinations.

With a rich cultural heritage, there's no shortage of reasons to go to Germany. Oktoberfest is always popular and many make trips to Europe just to experience it. However, all manner of events and holidays occur throughout the year, including winter Carnival, Martinfest in autumn, and the summer festivals, which contain all manner of attractions—from wine to Wagner. Each of the major cities possesses its own unique character. Frankfurt is one of the economic and artistic centers of the country. Berlin has an exceptionally deep history. Munich bustles with a nightlife that rivals Berlin and hosts Oktoberfest each year. Meanwhile, Hamburg is known as “the green city on the water” due to its plethora of parks and lawns.

Natural wonders abound as well for those looking to experience the great outdoors. The Black Forest has miles and miles of scenic forest trails to explore. Ski enthusiasts will be drawn to the Bavarian Alps when looking to travel Europe. The best travel packages to Europe that include Germany will feature at least some of the country's gorgeous scenery. And don't forget to sample some German wine while you're there.


Making up the majority of the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is one of the most remarkable Europe travel destinations. Century old festivals, cobblestone streets, and antiquated venues will delight the history lover. Like all the European nations, Spain possesses a vibrant cultural history, one that is readily apparently whether you walk through the streets of Madrid or tour the Basque countryside.

Beach-lovers will be ecstatic when choosing Spain one of their Europe travel destinations. Circled by oceans and possessing countless bays and inlets, there is no shortage of beaches in Spain. Given its southerly location, you can reliably visit a comfortable beach almost all year round.

Wine aficionados, while drawn by the more famous vineyards of France and Italy, will find much to enjoy in Spain. All manner of varietals can be savored here—reds, whites, sherries, and champagnes. Travel packages to Europe that carry an emphasis on wine can be quite enjoyable.

Meanwhile, the art enthusiast will travel to Bilbao to see the Guggenheim museum. Located in northern Spain, the Guggenheim is incentive enough for many who plan their trips to Europe. Its galleries host many of the 20th century's greatest works of art. Guggenheim is a must-see for those that love culture.


With France's gorgeous countryside, magnificent architecture, and spectacular food and wine, it isn't hard to see why so many want to take a cheap trip to Europe each year.

Bordered by several different countries, French culture possesses both characteristics that are unique and multicultural feeling depending on where you go. For instance, both France and Germany have held Strasbourg over the years and while it remains a French town, it retains a German feel, making it a fascinating stop for those who travel to Europe.

France is famous for its wineries, with strongholds in Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Languedoc-Roussillon, Loire, and the Rhone. Each of these regions offers a different variety of wine. For instance, in Bordeaux you'll find rich reds, whereas you'll find champagne in its namesake—Champagne. Wine connoisseurs must visit France when they travel Europe.

Of course, one cannot speak of France without mentioning its capital: Paris. From renowned Eiffel Tower, to the cathedral of Notre Dame, to the Arc de Triomphe, there are almost limitless things to see. The nightlife of the city is a busy one, with countless clubs, restaurants, and bars to patronize. One of particular note is the famous Moulin Rouge. Last, but not at all least, is the world famous French museum—the Louvre.


For thousands of years, Italy has been influencing both the politics and the culture of Europe—most notably during the rise and reign of the Roman Republic and Empire. However, even during the Middle Ages and the renaissance, Italy was a vital part of science and art in Europe. Italy truly has it all: fantastic wine, delectable dishes, popes, history, art, culture, and a beautiful landscape. And if you plan ahead, you can probably secure a cheap trip to Europe here.

The ruins of the Roman Empire can be found all across this romantic country. However, perhaps the signature feature of its reign is the mighty Colosseum. As one of the key attractions of Rome, it is sure to impress. Originally beginning construction in 72 AD, this ancient structure was able to seat upward of 50,000 people. However, its history didn't end with the Empire. During the medieval period, it served as a fortress for several warrior families living in Rome. Those with an appreciation of the past will be certain to choose Italy as a stop when they travel Europe.

Of course, the Italian countryside is spectacular, from the majestic islands off the coast of Venice to the splendor of the Italian Alps. The variety in scenery is quite astounding, moving from the mountainous Matterhorn to the Tuscan hills to the gentle shores near Naples, there's no shortage of natural wonders to see.

Of special note is Italian food and wine. With thousands of restaurants, cafes, sandwich bars, and pizzerias to choose from, you'll have no trouble sampling the fine cuisine of Italy. With the country's perfect climate, it's little surprise that wine-making has been a strong tradition in Italy for over three thousand years. No one's travel packages to Europe will be complete without sampling some of Italy's fine wine.



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