Spain is a must for the adventure-seeker, the oenophile, and the art connoisseur alike, so whether you're touring through Europe for the summer or just planning a week-long getaway, be sure to add this destination to your itinerary. Accommodations are widely available at Barcelona Hotels, Madrid Hotels and hostels. From centuries-old festivals like the running of the bulls in Pamplona, to 24-hour sun and fun on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza; from the art and architecture of the Moors and Romans, to Picasso and Joan Miro, travelers can see it all when they visit Spain. For the intrepid adventure seeker, to the laid back vacationer, the tourism Spain offers is one of a kind.

According to official tourism Spain data, 45 million tourists visit Spain each year--which means that as many people visit Spain per year, as there are Spaniards. So while the restaurants and cafes may be rustic affairs tucked away on cobble-stone streets, travel to Spain and travel within Spain is easy and affordable.

From most major cities in Europe and the eastern coast of the United States, daily non-stop flights to Madrid and Barcelona are available year round. In Spain the state run train system, Renfe, and an extensive bus system put even the smallest of villages within reach.

Spain"s second largest city, Barcelona, remains relatively balmy year round and is the perfect place to take in the architecture of Antoni Gaudi"s unfinished masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia, or stroll through the psychedelic Parc Guell overlooking the city.

But if you decide to travel to Spain for the beaches you"re in luck, because from the Costa del Sol in the south, to the surfing areas around the town of San Sebastian in the north, Spain is circled with beautiful beaches.

If it"s art and architecture that you crave, the best places to visit in Spain are Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Granada. Art buffs will love Madrid for its most famous Museum, the Museo del Prado. The Prado houses masterworks by Goya, Velasquez and El Greco and is a must on any traveler"s itinerary.

While Madrid is sweltering in the summer months, you can escape for a day trip north to Toledo, or spend an extended weekend touring the northern Basque region or hiking in the Pyrenees Mountains that form the border with France. To the South, the best of Spain sight seeing options are located in the region of Andalucia. Andulucia is rich in Moorish architecture--including the mythical Alhambra Palace--and is the birthplace of the colorful, passionate flamenco dance.

But modern Spain is much more than bullfights and flamenco dancing. For those that crave the nightlife, the best of Spain sight seeing is in The Balearic Islands. This archipelago of four major islands includes the trendiest of European resort destinations, Ibiza.

So whether it"s masterpieces of art, white sand beaches, bullfights, flamenco dancing, or just sipping a nice Spanish wine at a sidewalk café, the best places to visit in Spain are within your reach.



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