Nudist Beaches

Nudist Beaches

Nudist beaches are a great way to shed the baggage of everyday life and let your body soak up the sunshine. Some beachgoers visit clothing optional beaches as a novelty on their beach vacation, while others are regulars who enjoy sunning with no tan lines. Topless beaches are found all over the world, but the majority of them are European beaches, with France, Spain, and Greece being the major strongholds for these destinations. There are also a number located in the United States and elsewhere in the world. These beaches still offer the fantastic sun and sand that regular beaches have, but they are frequented by people who are comfortable with their bodies and who opt not to wear a bathing suit.

France is home to some of the best naturist beach destinations in the world. For instance, Leucate Plage is an excellent example of one of these beaches. One of the lovely Mediterranean beaches, Leucate Plage is a pleasant stretch of golden sand with relatively calm waters, and though it is a public beach, it is also home to three naturist resorts. The shallow waters and safe area make it a popular spot for families. Les Grottes Plage, Ile du Levant is also home to some of the best nudist beaches in France. It is considered the birthplace of nudist leisure in the country, and the white sand and calm surf are very inviting. On the western edge of France, the southwest Atlantic coast is often referred to as the bare coast due to the amount of topless beaches, but Euronat stands out amongst the crowd. The beach here is extremely clean, there are lifeguards on duty, and the locals are very friendly; both nudist campers and day visitors to enjoy the sun and sand.

Greece also boasts a wide variety of topless beaches on the mainland and scattered about the islands. For instance, Banana Beach is one of the most popular choices and is sometimes even said to be the best naturist beach in Greece. It is composed of three bays with yellow-golden sand and a slight curve, which lend the beach its name. The main beach is usually occupied by clothed holidaymakers in the peak season, so if you are looking to sun in the bare, head to the smaller cove of Little Banana. Plakias Beach, located on the southwest coast of the island of Crete, is also one of the most popular nudist beaches in Europe. This beautiful beach is blessed with fine sand and gentle waves making it excellent for swimming and for families. Travelers will find that the nude area is the last section of the beach, past the droves of clothed families and other tourists. However, the nudist area tends to be one of the most popular sections on the beach, so expect crowds.

Although naturists will find great beaches in France and Greece, Spain and Croatia also have nudist beaches of mention. Vera Playa, on the Costa Algeria in Spain, is a year-round nudist hot spot with warm temperatures and almost-daily sunshine. The friendly atmosphere, variety of naturist accommodation, beach sports, and hip restaurants and bars all add to the scene. If you are heading more towards Western Europe, look no further than Valalta, Croatia. The secluded coves along the shoreline make for great bathing and sunning spots. The beach itself is lined with olive tress, and the amount of space and friendly travelers create a comfortable and welcoming topless beach experience.

Although Europe is known for having the most naturist beaches, there are other destinations in the world to visit if you’re interested in visiting one. The Canary Islands, near the coast of North Africa (though legally part of Spain), are home to Playa de Maspalomas, located on Gran Canaria. The beach here is covered with acres of sand dunes, beautiful beach and lounge chairs and umbrellas for rent. Playa de Maspalomas has sections for both those preferring to wear swimsuits and those who prefer to remain au natural. Florida beaches are home to some of the best naturist beach spots in the Western Hemisphere. Haulover Beach, just north of Miami, is a hot spot for the tanned and beautiful of this vibrant city, and it’s one of the rare East Coast beaches that permits nudity. The nudist area has its own lifeguards and patrolmen and has a major following with international travelers.

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