Barbados Cruises

A Barbados cruise vacation is a great way to enjoy the scenic tropical islands of the Caribbean. Barbados cruises can either be planned as a simple last minute vacation or they can be aboard luxurious cruise liners and last for weeks. Whatever your budget restraints and your travel needs are, there are many options available when it comes to choosing the right cruises in Barbados.

One of the things to consider when planning cruises in Barbados is what city you want to depart from. Since Barbados is located in the south Caribbean, it's common for ships to depart outside of the U.S. and be longer in duration. Many cruises to Barbados embark from San Juan and include up to 5 ports of call. Typical itineraries include stops at Grenada, Antigua, St. Lucia, Curaçao and the Virgin Islands. Several small cruise ships depart from Grenada and make stops in Barbados and the nearby islands. One of the advantages of departing from a port of call near Barbados is that Barbados cruise vacation itineraries tend to be shorter (3-5 days), allowing travelers the flexibility to take a last minute vacation.

Cruises in Barbados also depart from Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Since these cities in Florida are far away from Barbados, cruises departing from these ports frequently last for at least seven days. A major reason why many people choose to take Barbados cruises is because the cruise ships and the islands tend to less crowded. As a general rule, cruises that stop at islands near the United States, such as the Bahamas, tend to be more crowded.

Nearly all Barbados cruises in Barbados will enter the island through the Bridgetown port. The port contains many duty-free shops as well as stores selling basics such as shampoo and toothpaste. If you need to send some postcards, there is a post office as well. Many people stop by the Barbados Tourism Authority's headquarters located at the port. The tourism authority can provide you with suggestions on how to spend the day in Barbados. There are several Barbados attractions in the capital city of Bridgetown that are perfect for an afternoon outing. If you want to stick around Bridgetown, the scenic area of Careenage is a natural harbor where many cruise ship guests go for inexpensive shopping, dining, or a quiet picnic on the marina. Excursions to Bridgetown"s small art galleries are also popular among cruise ship guests. Some of the art galleries in Bridgetown include the Gallery at Waterfront Cafe and the Queen"s Art Gallery.

Mild weather makes Barbados cruise vacation fun any time of year. However, it's always a good to keep in mind the possibility of a tropical storm in the Caribbean. June 1st through November 30th is hurricane season in the Caribbean. Although cruises to Barbados successfully sail during these times, your cruise could be at risk due to bad weather.

Taking a cruise in Barbados is the perfect way to see several Caribbean islands all in one vacation. Barbados cruises are a great option for people who are looking for a fun, yet less crowded, cruise experience.

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