Japan Tours

Japan tours offer a way of traveling that takes the myriad preparations—and sometimes confusing navigational requirements— and tosses them right out the window. The pleasure of not needing to untangle the ins and outs of traveling through a foreign land is the main reason guided trip tours to China and Japan are so prevalent. Guided tours can also be geared toward specific interests and focus on major areas, districts, or prefectures that offer a look at distinct themes such as martial arts, history, and food. The choice in tours is amazing, offering a look, essentially, into every aspect of Japanese life.

Gourmet Japan tours are an excellent way to learn more about the unique food used in Japanese cooking, and the special dishes made from fairly regular ingredients too. Gourmet Japan tours often involve learning how to cook Japanese cuisine, visiting markets bearing fresh produce and other foods, and focus on other aspects of local cuisine. Touring inner-city gardens offers a deeper understanding of how food is grown in large cities as well.

Gourmet Japan tours are easily accessed in Tokyo and are often one day in duration. Tours all differ slightly, but most hit on the paramount areas that, over a whole day, well explain Japanese cuisine. A visit to a greenhouse in the heart of the city, a tea house visit, and stops at gourmet food shops offer a fun way to explore Japan’s gastronomic delights.

Guided trip tours to China and Japan take the guessing out of the equation. With many intertwining historical periods, similar cultural aspects, and a regional proximity, this type of tour is extremely well received. Hit on the high points, have your accommodation looked after, enjoy pre-planned transportation, and get advanced dining reservations. The benefits of guided trip tours to China and Japan are limitless. Tours venture through many of the country’s signature destinations and through a host of top attractions. While in Japan, tours can include exploring Tokyo, discovering ancient Kyoto, and visiting Okinawa.

Another advantage of purchasing guided trip tours to China and Japan is the little worry of forgetting anything important—as long as you remember your passport and wallet! Tours include things such as round-trip flights, transfers at airports, accommodation, transportation for sightseeing, and often some or all meals. The Japanese portion covers tickets for trains in Japan, some evening entertainment, and some cultural activities.

If a short and specific tour is what you seek, there are plenty to be had in Japan. Japan tours include a host of excursions you might not be aware of until you explore the options. Japan technology tours in Tokyo are increasing in popularity. They focus on the newest discoveries and high-tech inventions. Helicopter tours in Japan are another sightseeing possibility with flights available over Tokyo, Hokkaido, Okinawa, and other destinations. One airline even offers a free helicopter ride for booking business class seats. No matter how you get yourself up in the air, the promise of incredibly scenic views is absolute.

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