Sweden is in Scandinavia, located between Norway and Finland. Sweden tourism today has grown out of the large amount of natural resources enjoyed by the country’s inhabitants, including vast forests, shimmering lakes and an extensive archipelago; as well as the architecture left over from centuries past. A number of outdoor activities, including skiing and hiking, can be enjoyed here, as well as tours of some incredible and unique museums, such as the Vasa Museum in Stockholm. Whatever your reasons for your trip to travel Sweden, you are sure to discover more than you came for.

One of many ways to travel Sweden is by taking a boat tour. Whether you take a cruise to the Baltic Sea and to Sweden, or simply hop on the Djurgardsfarjan to take a tour of Stockholm, this is one of the most interesting ways to travel Sweden. Not only is the country edged by water on many sides, but the city of Stockholm itself is as well. A number of tours, including bus tours combined with boat tours, can be a great way to join in the fun of Sweden tourism.

Of the many places to visit in Sweden, Stockholm is one of the most popular. Attractions such as the Operan, the Stadshuset and the Gamla stan make a trip to Stockholm unforgettable. Stockholm is also close to another of the best places to visit in Sweden, which is Skeppsholmen Island, where you can see the most prominent feature of Sweden tourism; the Vasa Museum, which displays the remains of a wrecked ship from the 16th century.

Another of the best places to visit in Sweden is the Laplands. The Laplands cover territory in the far north, with much of the Laplands being located within the Artic Circle. Here, you can stay at the world famous Ice Hotel or even plan a Swedish golf vacation at the world’s northern-most golf course. You can also, of course, indulge in some skiing, both downhill and cross-country in this area that sees snow almost continually. In the Laplands you can also enjoy a jaw-dropping view of the incredible Northern Lights.

There are also a number of man-made attractions that can be equally delightful. Liseberg Park, Scandinavia’s oldest theme park is located in the town of Gothenburg near the Avenyn and is a fabulous way to spend a day. The medieval town of Visby, with its 2 ½ mile stone wall left to protect the city from the 16th century is also a great place to visit, and eat in what is thought to be the world’s oldest operational restaurant, dating back to at least the 17th century. Malmo, Sweden is also a great place to plan a vacation, with some excellent museums to visit and incredibly convenient access to the city of Copenhagen. However you choose to enjoy the country of Sweden, travelers continue to report that the people of Sweden are friendly and the towns are incredibly welcoming and accessible.

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