Washington DC

Washington DC is perhaps more exciting than any other city in the United States. Its rhythms are the heartbeat of the entire nation, and its work is always in the public eye. The travel Washington DC has to offer isn't just about attractions and history; it is about identity. National identity, personal identity, and the pursuit of personal freedom. Don't expect to see it all on your first Washington DC trip. Rather, plan to make occasional small trips to town. Then you will know what makes the city special: its commitment to change.

Washington DC
Washington DC

Washington DC tourism thrives on the change perpetuated by constant election shake-ups and their effects on the city populace. Washington DC vacations are always different, therefore, with something new to see on each Washington DC trip. For example, in the last two years, the city has seen the long overdue opening of the National Museum of the American Indian, the creation of the Marian Koshland Science Museum, and the dedication of the National World War II Memorial. The US Capitol has a brand new Visitors Center opening this year, and the Kennedy Center is expanding dramatically. This on top of the debuts, in recent years, of the International Spy Museum and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. Travel Washington DC style means "come again!" since there was already quite a bit to see and experience before these numerous additions!

Washington DC tourism flagged a little in recent years, immediately following the September 11th attacks. But the added attention to security in the nation"s capital has laid many fears to rest. Washington DC vacations are as safe - and as exciting - as they ever were. You may need to allow more time between destinations, however, as security checks are common all over Washington DC, now, and many involve metal detectors. Driving and parking have both become more challenging, as roads are closed around federal buildings to increase their perimeters for security. It is much better, where possible, to rely on Metrorail and taxis for your Washington DC trip.

Washington DC Skyline
Washington DC Skyline

This town was born from diversity, and thrives in it today. There are many parts of town to enjoy, each with its appeal to different segments of the Washington DC tourism market. Washington DC vacations should include jaunts to the various distinct neighborhoods that define the culture here. Check out the U Street clubs in the streets where Duke Ellington grew up. Go to Chinatown, admire the Friendship Arch, and eat authentic Asian cuisines late at night. Spend an evening barhopping in Adams Morgan, or dining al fresco at one of the many trendy and international restaurants in the area. Or spend a more traditional afternoon shopping and searching rare antiques in historic Georgetown along the canal, where you can also watch crew boats and kayakers take on the Potomac on misty mornings. Washington DC vacations are fun, energetic, and informative, and often inspirational on many levels. Enjoy your journey to the heart of this nation.

Washington DC National Mall

National Mall

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