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The face of Las Vegas is in a constant state of flux. The Wynn Casino was the last major cosmetic change to the strip, replacing the departed Stardust on the north side of Las Vegas Boulevard. In 2009, change makes its way south in the form of the MGM Project City Center. With the opening of the City Center Las Vegas, the landscape between the Bellagio and Monte Carlo underwent a major shift. Gone is the budget Boardwalk hotel, replaced by one of the largest projects in Las Vegas history.

City Center
City Center

That is not the only major change the MGM Project City Center brought to the area, however. Unlike its neighbors, the design for this project focused less upon gambling related activities and more upon living spaces. The majority of the structure is devoted to MGM City Center condos, four looming, glossy towers of inclining glass featuring enormous rooms and lavish penthouses. There is also a convention center, a gigantic movie theater, a parking garage the size of a small casino, and hundreds of other small wonders. The City Center Las Vegas shopping area and casino floor were the final additions to this monumental collection of buildings—the resort and hotel towers are the real draw here.

City Center Map
City Center Map

The MGM City Center condos are among the most exclusive living spaces in Las Vegas and few can afford the penthouse suites, or even the larger properties. The smallest living spaces are priced upwards of $600,000. The company behind the construction of the MGM Project City Center already has a variety of high-class buildings to its name—the most famous being the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong.

Las Vegas City Center Hotels
Las Vegas City Center Hotels

The beautiful Vdara and ARIA hotel properties were part of the primary opening of the complex. The real estate boom has already led to the construction of thousands of available rooms in Las Vegas condo hotels, and there are still thousands more to be built. In one of the fastest growing cities in the country, where it all ends is anyone's guess, but it's safe to say that the Strip will be right at the forefront—the MGM Mirage Project City Center is evidence of that fact.

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